03.10.2022 | 11:30

On September 29, 2022, as part of the University Day, a traditional autumn meeting of the teaching staff of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management with students of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education, specialty 281 «Public Management and Administration» specialization «Public Administration and business management» of various forms of education on the topic «University in state-building and academic integrity». Professor Borys Andriyovych Karpinskyi, guarantor of the EP (bachelor’s level), gave an open lecture on the above-mentioned issues. The administration and members of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management were invited to the open lecture.

From the very first minutes of the lecture, the listeners plunged into the world of University Day through a historical excursion into the basic foundations of state-building policy development and decision-making in the formation system of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv at various stages of its formation. Actually, due to the persistent and purposeful work of the University staff, which already has more than 360 years of history, it has turned into a well-known institution in Ukraine and the world with principled educational and scientific results and state-building traditions. Both the role of the University in the stages of the state-building process from the standpoint of the crystallization of Ukrainian identity, and its position in the context of the formation of academic integrity in the educational environment both globally and directly within the EP «Public Administration and Business Management» are fundamentally analyzed. It is clearly confirmed the need to intensify measures to maintain academic integrity in accordance with civilized principles: trust, respect, honesty, responsibility, justice, courage in the educational process, thus ensuring the quality of education and determining the prospects of the nation’s development. In particular, the generalized position of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University in the system of forming a civilized academic space is sufficiently concretely reflected in the inscription on the pediment of its main building: educated citizens are the decoration of the Motherland. Indeed, it is precisely educated citizens who become the basis of building a modern state, and here academic integrity becomes dominant in the educational process of training modern managers, because due to its observance even at the level of the first or second level of higher education, a stable life position is formed regarding the ethics of educational norms and stable respect for intellectual property. A practically educated management community, through the manifestation and purposeful implementation the state-creative patriotism of nation in its quantitative (tax) dominance, becomes an effective expression of academic honesty and decency, and thus a real reflection of the progressiveness of university views and a synthesizing indicator of the power of the state.

Open lecture of Professor Karpinsky B.A. regarding the development of the ideology of modern state-building in the university environment and the role of academic integrity in quality education aroused effective interest in the form of its presentation and was actively discussed both among students, applicants, and the professor-teaching staff of the Educational program «Public Administration and Business Management».