Open lecture on the discipline “Creating own business”

06.04.2021 | 15:58

On April 5, the Department of Financial Management hosted an open lecture by Associate Professor Olga Sych on the topic: “Marketing plan of a business project” for third-year students studying the discipline “Creating own business”.

The lecture covered the essence and elements of marketing, the structure of the marketing plan, analysis of modern marketing strategies. Students watched a video that highlighted the basic principles of marketing, got acquainted with successful examples of marketing strategies by well-known companies in Ukraine and around the world. At the end of the lecture, an interactive survey was conducted, which allowed to identify the level of understanding of the material and outline the problematic issues for consideration at the seminar.

The lecture was attended by the head of the Department of Financial Management, prof. Sytnyk N., lecturers of the Department of Financial Management prof. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U, assoc. prof. Zakhidna O., Dubyk V, Klepanchuk O., Kruglyakova V., Petyk L., Popovych D., Smolinska S., Shushkova Y., Yasinovska I and others.

After the lesson there was a discussion on the results of the lecture, during which the participants noted that the lecturer achieved the purpose of the lecture, took into account the specifics of studying the discipline of free choice, used a significant amount of presentational and practical material. It was concluded that the lecturer provides accessible material and uses a variety of methods to enhance learning, and the lecture itself was conducted at the appropriate methodological level.