Open lecture Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc. Smolinska S.D. on the topic: “Socio-economic indicators of family living standards”

11.05.2021 | 21:15

May 11, 2021 Ph.D., Associate Professor of Financial Management Smolinska S.D. An open lecture was held on the topic: “Socio-economic indicators of family living standards” for students of groups 204, 205 and 206 in the disciplines of free choice of students “Fundamentals of maintaining their own and family budget.”

The following issues were covered at the lecture:
• The main indicators of living standards in Ukraine
• Wages of the population of Ukraine
• Income and expenses of families in Ukraine
• Poverty indicators
• Socio-economic indicators of population life in developed countries

The class was attended by: Head of the Department of Financial Management, Prof. Sytnyk N.S., teachers of the Department of Financial Management: prof. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U.Z., docent Blaschuk-Devyatkina N.Z., Holynskyi Y.O., Grynchyshyn Y.M., Dubyk V.Y., Zakhidna O.R., Klepanchuk O.Y., Kruhlyakova V.V., Petyk L.O., Sych O.A., Tataryn N.B., Shushkova Y.V., Yasinovska I.F.
After the lesson, the results of the lecture were discussed, during which the participants noted that the lecturer conducted the lesson in accordance with the work program. During the lecture the current state of social security of the population of Ukraine was analyzed and the income and expenses of Ukrainian families were estimated, the consumer basket of Ukrainian families and families in developed countries of the world was compared. As noted, the rich presentation material made it possible to conduct the lecture in a form accessible to students.
In general, the lecture achieved its goal, conducted at the appropriate scientific-theoretical and methodological level.