Open lecture by Doctor of Economic Sciences Hanna Komarnytska on the topic: “Marketing channels of attracting customers”

05.12.2022 | 13:07

On December 1, 2022, the Head of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management, Doctor of Economics Hanna Komarnytska for students of higher education studying in the educational program “Public administration and business management” specialty 281 “Public management and administration”, using the tools of the corporate platform for communications and data sharing Microsoft Teams, an open lecture session was held on the topic: “Marketing channels attracting customers” from the discipline “Marketing”.

The purpose of the lecture was to form students’ competencies regarding the functioning of marketing channels as a means of communication with customers to increase the sale of goods and services.

The following questions were covered at the lecture:

  • General characteristics of marketing channels.
  • Types of commercial relations.
  • B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C: segmentation and specificity.
  • Determination of the portrait of the target audience.
  • Marketing channels to attract customers.

The class was attended by: Andriy Stasyshyn, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Iryna Shevchuk, Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the digital economy department, teaching staff of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management: professor Boris Karpinskyу, professor Catherine Vaskivska, associate professor Larisa Bobko, associate professor Olena Gerasimenko O.V., associate professor Olga Malinovska, associate professor Olena Reshota.

Students of higher education of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education of the OPP “Public Administration and Business Management” specialty 281 “Public Administration and Administration” were present. The students of higher education took an active part in the discussion, the feedback with the teacher was clearly established.

At the end, there was a discussion of the lesson. Scientific and pedagogical workers noted the content of the lecture (the topic is fully disclosed), informativeness (the lecture contains interesting material), connection with practice (the practical value of the presented material is shown), fluency in the material, emotionality (a sense of the lecturer’s interest and his personal opinion), contact with the audience, the current level of mastery of the material, the relevance and modernity of the content of the lecture, the systematic and logical sequence of the presentation of the material, the availability and pace of the presentation.

In general, the lecture was delivered at a high scientific and methodical level and meets the modern requirements of a higher school.

We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the energy industry for the opportunity to hold such events!!!