Open lecture by associate professor Andriy Tabachuk on the topic “Brand of the country”

28.04.2021 | 01:27

April 26, 2021 Associate Professor of Economics and Public Administration Tabachuk A. held an open lecture on the subject “Employer Brand Management” for 2nd-year students majoring in 281 “Public Administration”. The topic of the lecture is “Brand of the country”.

During the lecture the preconditions of formation and characteristic features of the state brand of Ukraine were revealed; the information channels of promotion of the international brand of Ukraine are considered and the key messages of the brand strategy of Ukraine are clarified.

To better understand the lecture material by students, the lecturer used the following techniques: creating a situation of novelty, relevance, the method of accelerating memorization (associative, mnemonic), argumentation, systematization, educational discussions, comparisons, highlighting and summarizing.