Open lecture at Department of Financial Management of Ph.D., assoc. prof. Kruglyakova V. on the topic of “State credit”

23.03.2021 | 19:20

On March 23, 2021″ there was an open lecture for first-year students of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Taxation” held by associate professor, Ph.D. Kruglyakova on the topic “State Credit” Vira on the discipline “Finance”.

The lecture was focused on the economic nature and essence of public credit, revealed the concept of public debt and its economic consequences, as well as outlined the features of public debt management.

The open lecture was attended by Head of the Department of Financial Management, Prof. Sytnyk N., lecturers of the Department of Financial Management: prof. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska U., assoc. prof. Zakhidna O., Dubyk V., Blaschuk-Devyatkina N., Sych O., Smolinska S., Yasinovska I., Klepanchuk O., Petyk L.., Shushkova Yu., Kozakevych O. and others.

The lecture paid special attention to modern aspects of public lending, namely the current forms of public borrowing, analysis of the dynamics and structure of public debt of Ukraine in recent years and the process of public debt management in Ukraine.

At the end of the lesson there was a discussion of the results of the lecture, during which the participants came to a common conclusion that the purpose of the lecture was achieved, the lecture was held at a high scientific and methodological level and meets modern requirements of higher education.

The progressive innovative format of the lecture, its relevance and creativity were also noted. The lecturer fully revealed the content of each question, and the multimedia presentation enhanced the clarity, logic and completeness of the lecture material.