Online meeting to discuss educational programs with higher education students at the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics

23.04.2021 | 10:51

On April 22, 2021, the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Ivan Franko LNU hosted an online meeting with applicants for higher education to discuss educational programs for bachelors and masters in economics, specialization “Information Technology in Business” specialty 051 ” Economy”.

The discussion was attended by guarantors of educational programs, Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Shevchuk I.B. (second (master’s) level of higher education) and Ph.D., associate professor Stadnyk Yu.A. (first (bachelor’s) level of higher education), faculty of the department Ph.D., associate professor Deputat B.Ya., Ph.D. Starukh AI, Ph.D., Associate Professor Myshchyshyn O.Ya., Ph.D., Associate Professor Zadorozhna A.V., senior teacher Vaskiv O.M., senior teacher Sytnyk V.Yu., representatives of student self-government and graduates of the educational program “Information Technologies in Business” (I-V courses).

The head of the department acquainted all present with the guarantors and project groups of OP, told about the main provisions and goals of educational programs of two levels of higher education, educational components that contribute to the formation of general and professional competencies, informed about the peculiarities of individual educational trajectory. , reported on the consideration of the recommendations provided by employers, graduates and teachers of the Free Economic Zone on improving the data of the OP at previous meetings of such a plan.

Teachers and students of the OP discussed a range of issues related to changes in the programs in terms of mandatory OK and expanding elective disciplines of professional orientation, increasing the practical component, updating the topics of disciplines, including the study of new software products, teamwork in practical and laboratory classes , development of professional competencies and soft skills during training, teaching methods. Also, the issue of organization, positive and negative expectations from distance learning in quarantine, academic integrity was not left out.

In addition, all students were asked to answer questions online about their vision in the list of OK those disciplines that will play an important role in the formation of their professional competencies, as well as attitudes to teamwork in laboratory and practical classes, blended learning.

The meeting was interesting and fruitful. The proposals discussed during it will be used in the process of further improvement of educational programs “Information Technology in Business” of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education specialty 051 “Economics”, which will bring their content closer to business needs and modern society. and education seekers – to acquire new competencies that will determine their competitiveness in the labor market.

The staff of the department is always ready for a constructive dialogue with students and open to new ideas. Cooperation with students on monitoring the quality of educational activities and improving educational programs is a good practice that will continue in 2021-2022 academic year.