Online protection of industrial practice by students of the educational program “Information technologies in business”

02.06.2021 | 19:38

Industrial practice is an important means of improving the training of highly qualified specialists who are able to creatively apply in practice the latest advances in science and technology.

On June 1, 2021, the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics hosted a defense of industrial practice by 4th year students (UFE-41c group) studying in the educational program “Information Technology in Business”.

Students, having internships at state enterprises, local governments, private companies, IT companies, commercial banks, have acquired special competencies necessary for a highly qualified specialist and gained practical experience in the application of information technology in business.

Industrial practice has become a powerful tool for activating the skills and abilities of students, as well as contributes to the formation of the personality of the future highly qualified specialist.

Members of the commission Oksana Vaskiv, Anna Starukh and Orest Myshchyshyn noted the ability and ability of students to use the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical experience to solve problems in the relevant specialty.