Online internship of teachers of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics during July-August 2023.

02.09.2023 | 19:42

During July-August 2023, the head of the department of digital economy and business analytics Iryna SHEVCHUK and associate professor Anna ZADOROZHNA completed the online internship “IT tools for teachers” from GlobalLogic Education.

Experts from the IT company GlobalLogic shared with the teachers of higher education institutions the most modern tools and technologies that will help to more effectively teach and interest students in classes, and will also be useful in work with scientific research.

The course of lectures covered a fairly wide range of IT-related issues, such as:

  • IT trends 2023-2024.
  • Current Programming Languages Overview 2023.
  • Modern technologies and online learning tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Effective communication (part I and part II).
  • ChatGPT: How to use it for teaching.
  • Basics of Project Management.
  • Cyber security and information protection.

The company’s lecturers provided the listeners with an understanding of the main technological and innovative trends in IT education, which are the consequences of the rapid development of technologies and the requirements of the labor market. Attention was also paid to the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, its use in various spheres of human activity.

No less important for the teachers of the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics were the concepts and paradigms presented during the lecture, which are related to current programming languages. The latter will allow the teachers of the department to identify and distinguish between different approaches to programming and further convey to students an understanding of which programming languages meet the requirements of different markets and how to use them for the development of various software products.

Also, the training course material was devoted to issues such as problems and challenges of the modern teacher, the use of case studies, working with the means of creating auxiliary materials, ways and methods of activating the educational process, methods of effective management of conflict situations in education, which are necessary for everyone related to the field of teaching. environment The lecturers did not ignore such important topics as ensuring cyber security and information protection, as well as the basics of Project Management.


The course of lectures presented by the GlobalLogic company allowed the teachers of the department to immerse themselves in the world of new opportunities, try out innovative approaches to learning and deepen their professional knowledge of the academic disciplines taught to students of the OPP “Information Technologies in Business” specialty 051 “Economics”.