On October 12, 2022, an educational event will be held in groups UFO-11c, UFOM-11c on the topic: “My Ukraine: beautiful and independent”

15.10.2022 | 21:59

On October 12, 2022, an educational event on the topic: “My Ukraine: beautiful and independent” was held in the groups UFO-11c (advisor Assoc. Prof. N.O. Loboda) and UFOM-11c (advisor Assoc. Prof. Petryshyn L.P.). The event was attended by the entire teaching staff of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Control.

The main idea of ​​the event was that each country of the world that we see on the map has its own territory, language, culture, history and traditions. And the most important thing is your birthday, the day of the declaration of independence, which is a national holiday.

Ukraine, our Motherland, is located in the center of Europe. It also has its own land, language, culture, history, customs, traditions and its own birthday. This year, our Ukraine has completed 31 years of independent existence. We live in Ukraine, a freedom-loving, peaceful state, and we also love our sweet, dear country with all our hearts, we want it to become prosperous, strong, always free and independent, because we are all citizens of our Motherland, loving sons and daughters of Ukraine.

At the beginning of the event, the participants listened to the National Anthem of Ukraine and honored the memory of fallen soldiers, defenders of Ukraine. The participants of the educational event recited patriotic poems, recalled historical events about Ukraine, and listened to patriotic Ukrainian songs.

The game-competition “I consider myself Ukrainian if I …” and the blitz tournament “My Ukraine” were also held. At each stage of the competition, each participant could receive points for a correct answer. Oleksandr Tsyganov won the final. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

In the closing speech, Acting head of the department of accounting, analysis and control, prof. Romanov E.M. thanked all the participants for the excellent event and noted that modern youth should love their region, their land, know their native language and history, respect traditions and customs, their lineage, and remember their national heroes. Everyone should love their Motherland, do everything for the prosperity of their state, its glory, freedom, independence.