Discussion of educational and professional programs with applicants for higher education at the Department of Financial Management

15.04.2021 | 21:43

On April 14, 2021 at the Department of Financial Management of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management an online meeting of representatives of student government and applicants for higher education of I-V courses took place.

The meeting of the student community with the guarantors of the educational programs “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education is one of the elements of the internal quality assurance system of educational activities at the Department of Financial Management. content and structure of educational programs.

The discussion was attended by guarantors of educational programs, the head of the department, Doctor of Economics, Professor N.S. Sytnyk. and Ph.D., Associate Professor Zakhidna O.R, as well as the teaching staff of the department Doctor of Economics, Professor Vatamanyuk-Zelinska UZ, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Shushkova Yu.V. ., Ph.D., Associate Professor Dubyk V.Ya.

During the dialogue, the guarantors acquainted the participants with the features of educational programs, curricula that are part of educational components, considered the relevance of the content of the educational program to learning outcomes, the formation of competencies and program learning outcomes of future professionals, the division of disciplines into normative and free choice.

Therefore, adhering to the principles of freedom of expression and constructive criticism, the participants expressed their impressions about the quality of educational activities and made suggestions for improving educational programs.

Summarizing the proposals of the target audience, we can note the interest of higher education students in strengthening professional training, increasing the practical component, development of professional competencies and soft skills during training. In particular, students shared their impressions of studying in educational programs, outlined the pros and cons of distance learning, emphasized the relevance of modern computer technology in the educational process.

The formulated wishes and common vision of the strategy of improving the quality of educational programs and educational activities of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of higher education were supported by students and guarantors of educational programs and faculty, who assured that comments will be taken into account in educational programs.

At the end of the meeting, the guarantors thanked the participants for a constructive discussion of educational programs and invited for further cooperation in monitoring the quality of educational activities and improving educational programs for the 2021-2022 academic year.