Non-formal education of higher education students under the OPP “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”

02.11.2023 | 22:29

Non-formal education provides students with obtaining relevant practical and theoretical knowledge, skills, mastering modern methods of solving professional tasks, increasing the level of their professional competence, improving existing knowledge and their self-development.

The idea of continuous education is a modern trend, so the educational process takes place using non-formal education.

Thus, within the framework of the educational component “Public Procurement” (teacher – Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management Petyk L. O.), recipients of the second (master’s) educational level of higher education Kateryna Zakorko and Renata Kolba (UFFM-22s group ) joined the largest and most popular online education platform in Ukraine, Prometheus, and successfully completed the online course “Public procurement: management and performance evaluation”.

The online course “Public procurement: management and performance evaluation” was prepared with the financial support of the EU as part of the implementation of the project “Support to the reform of public procurement in Ukraine”, which gave higher education students the opportunity to learn about the latest approaches and tools in the field of public procurement.

In particular, during master’s studies:

  • learned how to build a public procurement strategy in the organization;
  • considered tools for analyzing the effectiveness of public procurement;
  • learned about contract management (in particular, regarding the execution of the contract, reporting and nullity of the contract, etc.);
  • familiarized themselves with measures to prevent corruption;
  • learned about the latest approaches and tools in the field of public procurement.

Thus, informal learning allows higher education students to acquire new competencies and enrich the educational process with the interesting experience of extraordinary speakers.

We are proud of our active, creative and restless students who not only develop rapidly, but also encourage others to do the same!