Unknown facts about famous people: Ivan Bohun

16.09.2021 | 14:25

On September 15, 2021, Associate Professor of Digital Economics and Business Analytics Zadorozhnaya AV for students of the educational program “Information Technology in Business” held an educational hour on the topic: “Unknown facts about famous people: Ivan Bohun.” The lesson addressed such insufficiently focused issues of the life of a famous military and political figure of Ukraine as his pedigree and appointment to the post of Colonel of the Zaporizhia Army. The history of battles under the leadership of Ivan Bohun is considered. One of such battles near Vinnytsia was reflected in the Ukrainian folk song “Duma” Ivan Bohun “:

У Вінниці на границі,

Під могилою над Бугом-рікою

Там стояв Іван Богун вінницький

Під обителлю-монастирем кальнишцьким.

Під кальницькою обителлю

Богун стояв,

Із турками-пашами,

Крулевськими ляхами,

Камлицькими князями

Богун воював!

Силу він ляхів-турків стріляв

І шабельками рубав,

На аркан забирав,

В річку Буг їх утопляв.

Attention was also paid to the difficult relations between Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Bohun, and the latter’s efforts to support Ukraine’s independent policy. As a result, it can be stated that Ivan Bohun is one of the most heroic and devoted figures in Ukraine, whose actions we have no right to forget.