Continuous professional training of specialists of the ЕP “Information technologies in business”

02.11.2023 | 13:51

The ability to continuously learn is the skill of the future! Therefore, in today’s conditions, the educational process of students takes place not only in classrooms and online platforms Moodle or Teams, but also with the use of specialized non-formal education.

During October 2023, students of the 4th year of the OPP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics” were trained in the online course “Creation and development of IT products” from the Ukrainian co-founding IT company Genesis.

The course is aimed at the development of IT entrepreneurship and the field of product IT in Ukraine. It was integrated into the educational process as one of the sections of the educational discipline “Decision-Making Systems” as a result of the successful completion of the relevant training program for employees of higher educational institutions by Professor Iryna Shevchuk (Certificate No. 109/081-2023 on accreditation to integrate the course in her higher education institution).

Students during their studies:

1) acquired basic knowledge of product IT, entrepreneurship and product management;

2) have acquired the competencies necessary for the first steps in a product IT company or starting their own product IT business, in particular regarding:

  • organization of the product development cycle and processes in the product team;
  • subtleties of product design;
  • working with market and target audience analysis tools;
  • carrying out various marketing activities in product IT;
  • research of user behavior in an online product (product analytics);
  • working with decision-making tools and practices in product teams.

Career mentoring with representatives of the IT company Genesis is also provided for the best students of the course.

The course was developed by IT company Genesis, Product IT Foundation for Education and online education studio “EdEra” together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Students of higher education received certificates of successful completion of the online course!

Thank you for the opportunity provided for the exchange of experience between teachers and the IT business, the enrichment of the educational process with the interesting experience of extraordinary lecturers and practitioners, as well as for the growth of the personal potential of students of the ЕPP “Information Technologies in Business”!