Methodological seminar with the participation of masters on the topic: “How to help students conduct scientific research with integrity”

10.11.2022 | 08:26


On November 8, 2022, at the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, a methodical seminar on the topic “How to help students conduct scientific research honestly” was held, in which higher education holders of the Master’s degree 1- th and 2nd year of study under OP “Information technologies in business” specialty 051 “Economics”.

As part of the seminar, the guarantor of the educational program, Doctor of Economics, Professor Iryna Shevchuk, the teachers of the department, together with the applicants, discussed the specifics of the preparation of qualification (master’s) theses by the applicants of higher education and the publication of their research results in an honest manner.

Special attention was focused on the following issues:

  • documents on the regulatory regulation of academic integrity at the legislative and university levels;
  • functions and spheres of responsibility of a scientific supervisor and a student of higher education;
    prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest;
  • participation in various activities of the research community;
  • the specifics of scientific communication with supervisors of qualification (master’s) theses;
  • checklists for supervisors and masters, which will help students, under the clear guidance and counseling of the supervisor, to prepare their work and publications in compliance with the best research practices, to avoid the risks of violating academic integrity and questionable research practices;
  • services and programs for checking scientific work for plagiarism (Unicheck, Plag, Dupli checker, SmallSEOTools, StrikePlagiarism).

The seminar ended with a productive discussion and the development of ideas regarding the organization of the educational and scientific activities of masters at the OP “Information Technologies in Business”.