13.04.2023 | 14:24

Meetings of first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) level graduates of the “Finance, Customs and Taxation” educational program with representatives of the State Tax Service have become a good tradition.

So, on April 12, 2023, a meeting was held with Olena Harasymyak, a specialist-practitioner, head of the transfer pricing department of GU DPS in the Lviv region on the topic: “Control of transfer pricing.” Participants of the meeting were more than 50 bachelor’s and master’s degree holders and the teaching staff of the department.

With great pleasure, the head of the department of financial management, prof. Nataliya Sytnyk introduced the speaker as our graduate and emphasized that self-education, perseverance and determination are the keys to a career start and success in public service, and Mrs. Olena is a vivid example of that.

During the discussion, Ms. Olena stopped in detail and helped students understand complex terms and definitions in the field of transfer pricing, made a historical excursion into the formation of the domestic legislative framework and relevant units in the DPS, outlined the prospects for improving control over transfer pricing. The participants of the meeting learned about the compliance of domestic legislation with the international practice of transfer pricing control, about the sectoral and territorial specifics of controlled operations and typical operations subject to mandatory control. Such informative content has practical value for participants and will contribute to the in-depth study of the disciplines “Fundamentals of taxation”, “Tax system”, “Tax management”.

Students received answers to questions about the financial responsibility of violators of transfer pricing legislation, legislative innovations in this area, and cooperation of taxpayers with auditing companies for the preparation of reports.

The leading teachers of tax disciplines of the department, Prof. Ihor Nazarkevych and Assoc. Olga Sych actively participated in discussion.

In conclusion, Ms. Olena Harasymyak proposed to hold the next meeting with the graduates of the educational program within the walls of the DPS, so that future financiers could acquire practical skills regarding the organization of the work of the DPS and the administration of taxes and fees, to consider real cases from the practice of the work of the transfer pricing department. After all, this experience will allow a future specialist in the field of finance, customs and tax affairs to acquire the necessary competencies.

Mrs. Olena wished the students to study hard and work on themselves for a successful career start, in particular in the field of tax work and emphasized that active, goal-oriented, patriotic young people who are ready to work hard are welcome in the professional team of the DPS.

For students of higher education, such meetings allow to learn about new opportunities in the chosen specialty and contribute to professional motivation.

  Recommendations and wishes of practitioners regarding the structure of individual educational components will be used in the preparation of work programs of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Taxation”.

The staff of the Department of Financial Management would like to thank Ms. Olena for the interesting information, practical cases, professional answers to questions and the friendly atmosphere of the meeting.