Meetings with specialists-practitioners as a guarantee for the development of professional competences and the formation of practical skills in future employees of the field of finance

26.04.2023 | 21:42

The Department of Financial Management actively involves practitioners in the educational process, which contributes to the development of professional competences and the formation of practical skills of future employees in the field of finance.
April 25, 2023 at the invitation of Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Daria Popovych as part of the study of the discipline “Insurance Management”, the topic “Settlement of insurance claims” for students of higher education of the second (master’s) levelunder the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax case” a meeting was held with a practical specialist – General Director of the EXPERT IN Group of Companies, a certified expert of the European Group of Evaluation Associations TEGOVA, Roman Novichevsky.
During the meeting, the speaker emphasized that the process of settling losses and making insurance payments is almost the most important function in the activity of an insurance company, therefore deep practical knowledge of the specifics of this process is necessary. The listeners had the opportunity to consider practical cases regarding the settlement of insurance claims that may arise between the insured and the insurer in the event of the occurrence of one of the most common risks – road accidents. Also, the speaker introduced the functionality of the Audatex program, which is designed for identification and calculation of the cost of restorative repairs of vehicles and is widely used in practice to adjust the amount of losses in motor vehicle insurance.
The highlighted information and practical advice will be used in the future to improve the teaching of the academic discipline “Insurance Management” in order to strengthen its practical component, which, in turn, will contribute to improving the quality of the educational process and ensuring the practical training of specialists.
In general, the meeting was as informative as possible for the professors and teachers of the department, as well as for those seeking higher education, who also received comprehensive answers to the questions.