Meetings with practicing specialists as a component of improving the practical training of financiers

08.10.2023 | 20:29

Close cooperation of the Department of Financial Management with employers is a necessary condition for the training of highly professional specialists and a guarantee of their further successful employment. Guest lectures are one of the forms of cooperation with potential employers for students of the “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” and “Financial Management” educational programs.

So, on October 5, 2023, at the invitation of Doctor of Economics, Professor Yulia Shushkova as part of the study of the discipline “Financial Management”, the topic “Cash Flow Management at the Enterprise” for students of higher education of the second (master’s) level under the educational program “Finance , customs and tax affairs” a meeting was held with the assistant financial director of the Podorozhnyk pharmacy chain group of companies Vladyslav Khita.

During the meeting, the speaker emphasized that in the system of managing the financial and economic activities of enterprises, cash flows occupy a leading place: the analysis of their condition is an important component of the assessment of the financial situation, and the planning of the size of incoming and outgoing flows is related to the coordination of operational, investment and financial development strategies . The effectiveness of cash flow management depends on the realization of current and long-term goals and objectives of the enterprise, fulfillment of obligations to creditors, stability of operations, financial stability in the future, which is why in-depth practical knowledge of the features of this process is necessary.

The listeners had the opportunity to consider practical cases of managing the company’s cash flows, in particular, related to working capital management (estimation of short-term cash needs and inventory management); management of capital needs (financing from own funds or bank loans); cost management and their optimization for a more rational distribution of company resources.

The speaker also described the most common causes of cash gaps at enterprises and explained how to prevent them, familiarized with the features of drawing up a payment calendar, analyzed modern methods of bank lending to enterprises in Ukraine, and also provided practical recommendations for choosing one or another form and method of lending.

In general, the meeting was quite rich and interesting. The experience that students gained during the guest lecture will soon be able to be used in their practical activities.