Meeting with the team of the Lviv regional office of the U-LEAD with Europe Program on the topic: “Success stories of territorial communities of Lviv region: results of decentralization”

21.05.2021 | 21:17

As part of the Festival of Science at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, meeting of students of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” with the team of the Lviv regional office of the Program “U-LEAD with Europe” has been hosted Halyna Khrushchak, Head of the Lviv Regional Office of the U-LEAD with Europe Program, and Andriy Hnyda, Adviser on Decentralization and Local Self-Government, told the students about the innovations of the decentralization process and its current state in Lviv Region.
In 2016-2019, the U-LEAD with Europe Program supported the activities of the Lviv Center for Local Government Development (CRMS), and since December 2019, its successor in the region has been the Lviv Regional Office of the U-LEAD with Europe Program. In 2016-2021, there were 1294 activities.
AHs of Lviv region, as well as throughout Ukraine, operate in the new legislative conditions, so it is important for students to learn more about the first steps of communities in the new system of territorial organization of power and challenges at the current stage of decentralization.
Currently, the reorganization of local governments, district state administrations and district councils is underway. Communities need to form competent management teams, move to direct relations with the State Budget and learn to budget according to the new rules. The executive bodies of local councils, as potential employers, are interested in the quality of their staff, so they are important stakeholders in the activities of the University. At the same time, an additional window of opportunity is opening for students to become local government professionals, joining the development of public finances and governance at the local level.