Meeting with stakeholders at the Department of Financial Management

30.12.2021 | 20:38

On December 29, 2021, at the Department of Financial Management, a meeting was held with the Deputy Director of the Institute of Regional Studies named after M.I. Former National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Regional Financial Policy, Doctor of Economics, Prof. Storonyanska I.Z.

An important element of cooperation with stakeholders is to identify and analyze the content components of educational programs and professional competencies needed to train professionals who will be competitive in the labor market.

During the meeting, Iryna Zenoviyivna paid special attention to changes in the content of curricula and educational components of educational programs “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs”, “Financial Management”, as they may have certain “features” for the Western region, given modern realities and regional needs and offered recommendations for their improvement.

Guarantors of educational programs Doctor of Economics, Prof. Sytnyk N.S., Doctor of Economics, Assoc. Shushkova Yu.V., Ph.D., Assoc. Zakhidna O.R. raised the issue and actively discussed the issue of observance of academic integrity by higher education students during the course, qualification works and individual research tasks.

Participants of the event Ph.D., Assoc. Dubyk V.Ya., Ph.D., Assoc. Petyk L.O. and Ph.D. Kruglyakova V.V. outlined the range of questions to Iryna Zenoviivna and listened to the recommendations on the formation of the topics of student research papers and qualification (master’s) theses of higher education students.

Head of the department prof. Sytnyk N.S. thanked Doctor of Economics, Prof. Storonyanska I.Z. and all participants for the appropriate proposals and noted that the views expressed will be taken into account when reviewing curricula, forming the content of educational components and educational and professional training programs in finance, banking and insurance at all levels of higher education.