Meeting of students of the UFO-11c group with representatives of the psychological service of the University

29.09.2023 | 08:10

On September 27, 2023, a meeting of first-year students (UFO-11c) took place together with the adviser, associate professor Shevtsiv L. with an employee (volunteer) of the psychological service of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Semkiv Hrystyna, which was organized by the deputy head of the department for educational work, associate professor of the department of accounting, analysis and control Loboda N.
Problems of adaptation of first-year students are an urgent issue of educational institutions. Adaptation of students is a rather complex and lengthy process that continues throughout all years of study, but the most important and problematic period is the period of study in the first year.
The purpose of this training is to unite students in a group, increase internal motivation to study and the level of professional self-determination in general, prevention of manifestations of violence and bullying among students, tolerant attitude towards students with special educational needs.

According to Khrystyna Semkiv, the process of adapting a first-year student to the conditions of study at a higher education institution is an urgent problem, especially in wartime conditions. Because students acutely feel excitement, anxiety due to new standards, new disciplines, new forms of work, a large volume of information. As well as self-doubt due to the creation of new contacts, because they have to adapt to a new system of training and entering a new team. In general, the training was lively, students got to know each other through associations, discussed, shared their feelings.

We express our sincere thanks for the training, and we wish the students a successful adaptation and success in their studies. Such meetings bring people together and charge for a positive start in the new educational stage!