23.09.2022 | 12:18

On September 21, 2022, a meeting of first-year students (UFO-11c) with a practical psychologist, an employee of the psychological service of LNU named after Ivan Franko ( Nezabytovska S.V., which was organized by the deputy head of the department for educational work and the adviser of the UFO-11 group with the associate professor of the department of accounting, analysis and control Loboda N.O.

During the adaptation training, they laughed a little, got to know themselves and others. They also discussed various issues that freshmen most often encounter, namely: adaptation of freshmen to a new team, how to help get yourself together, adjust the rhythm of life, fight stress and be an active student, new living conditions, fight stress, how to focus on training We discussed at the training about our life before and after the war, about our condition, our experiences, our behavior, as well as what to do when there is an air raid and it is necessary to wait in the bomb shelters of the university. After all, motivation to study after several such descents will decrease, and stress and apathy will increase.

We express our sincere thanks for the training, and we wish the students a successful adaptation and success in their studies. Such meetings bring people together and charge for a positive start in the new educational stage!

“There is no such thing as the word ‘impossible’. Always look for ways to do it!”