19.01.2024 | 11:07

Within the Faculty of Finance and Business Management (Department of Public Administration and Business Management) of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, a scientific school founded by Professor Borys Karpinskyi is actively functioning according to the general direction of modern research: «Formation and implementation of managerial control approaches in the strategiology of the development of the national economy».The scientific school of management has already formed the basic foundations of the strategy of the development of the socio-economic system of the state with a focus on financial well-being, the growth of health and longevity of the nation, and the location of global financial challenges has been determined. In particular, negative synergy was singled out for the first time on the example of financial productivity, which is confirmed by its significant drop compared to changes in individual components due to financial disturbances and martial law. An assessment and comparison of the impact of global financial challenges on the dynamics of financial productivity disparities in Ukraine was carried out. Measures to improve the monitoring of the financial situation and the specifics of the use of management strategiology approaches to the formation of Smart-urbanism in agglomeration centers are proposed, which will allow making reasonable management decisions in the interests of the development of economic systems already in the post-war period.Systematic studies were conducted to determine the aggressive nature of the annexing state and an assessment of Ukraine’s financial losses from its actions (Crimea) was carried out, complex methods were proposed to minimize these losses (only financial and resource losses from the actions of the annexing state reach up to 0.5 trillion USD). Currently, the efforts of specialists of the scientific school are focused both on a comprehensive assessment of military resource limitations, threats and losses (financial, migration, educational, industrial, infrastructural, etc.), and on the development of effective recommendations for various management institutions through the proposed instrumental apparatus, both legal and legal-management strategyology on the fundamental principles of state- creating patriotism of nation (in particular, published in magazines: «Business Inform», No. 2. DOI:; «Law of Ukraine», No. 11. DOI: 10.33498/louu-2023-11-068; «Pravo. UA», No. 4.2. DOI:; «Internauka» Series: “Juridical Sciences”, No. 11. DOI:; «Investments: Practice and Experience», No. 8. DOI: 10.32702/2306-6814.2023. 8.61).Actually, due to the synthesized paradigm of state-creating patriotism of nation on the basis of tax dominance (which allows for the first time in world practice to move from researching the problems of patriotism at the qualitative level to its quantitative evaluation and comparison), it is proposed that its purposeful implementation at the national level will allow to provide more than 5 billion hryvnias additional revenues to the state treasury, which is really important in the conditions of martial law.According to the priority developments of the scientific school of management (and there are already more than 100), their periodic registration for copyright is carried out in the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation (State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine) in the areas of: management and economy of the national economy; the formation and functioning of the state-creating patriotism of nation from the position of a quantitative (tax) dominant; tools and modeling in the financial system of the state; management mechanisms and approaches.