Masters of OP “Information technologies in business” defended reports on production practice

19.02.2023 | 10:56

On February 17, 2023, at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, online mode on the MS Teams platform, the defense of the reports on production practice (from specialization) of the group of UFEM-11c master’s students studying at the OP “Information Technologies in Business” took place » specialty 051 “Economics”.

The bases of practice were leading IT companies, as well as various organizations of Ukraine (Ukrainian Information Technologies LLC, Lagom Development LLC, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, EK ENOLL LLC, VOKTMS Kamianka-Buzka City Council, LLC Western Ukrainian Logical Company”, “Alex-PROMM” LLC, “Telemerezhi Ukrainy” LLC, “Market Universal LTD” LLC, “Svit Faith” LLC, “BERKOM” LLC).

During the internship, students of higher education acquired personal and professional competencies related to conducting scientific research. Practical material was also collected for the implementation of the internship report, and the student reports presented to the commission testify to the acquisition of practical skills in the implementation of specific work on the use of information technologies and mathematical methods in the field of economics and business management.

The obtained results from the performed practical tasks will be implemented in companies and enterprises, which shows the deepening and consolidation of theoretical knowledge by students regarding the research of areas of activity based on practice.

Congratulations to the winners! We wish you further success!