Lecture on the topic “Values and principles of academic integrity”

22.10.2022 | 11:15

October 17, 2022, an informative lecture on the topic “Values and principles of academic integrity” was held for students of the first year of higher education of the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of education (speciality 281 Public management and administration, educational programs of the Department of Economics and Public Administration).

Speakers of the event: Head of the Department of Economics and Public Administration — Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Halyna Kaplenko and Head of the student research group “Administration” — Iryna Yuskovets (third-year student).

Academic integrity is the standard translation of the English term “academic integrity.” Until 2016, this concept in Ukrainian texts could be interpreted as academic decency or honesty, since the discussion about it was new for our space.

Academic integrity is the basis of the quality of modern education. Ukrainian higher education is changing. An essential condition for successful development is the implementation of the principles of academic integrity in learning, teaching and scientific activity, and the educational process as a whole.

Only by eradicating the notions of “bribery”, “writing off”, “plagiarism”, etc., will we become true Europeans and be able to repeat the success of advanced countries. Those seeking higher education must study honestly. Academic integrity is based on the agreement of all participants in the educational process to follow the rules and fulfil the duties assigned to them. Integrity is a necessary and important component of any true educational experience – integrity is on the part of both the teacher and the student of higher education. The motivation for students should be individual knowledge and skills that can be acquired only through systematic instruction.

At the lecture, they got acquainted with the Code of Academic Integrity and the Declaration on Observance of Academic Integrity by Students of Higher Education at the University.

Academic integrity is based on 6 simple and clear values: honesty, trust, justice, respect, responsibility and courage. Respect for one’s own opinion begins with respect for the opinions of others, and respect for one’s own text begins with respect for others. Honesty in learning and teaching is a basic condition for building trust between everyone involved in the educational process. Courage, on the other hand, is the ability to act virtuously in the face of fear or pressure and to demand from yourself the same that you expect to receive from others. These postulates are the basis of the functioning of the University community on the basis of trust, mutual respect and honour.

We believe that our students will not only change their attitude to the educational process but will also bring these progressive ideas to the world.

Everything will be Ukraine!