06.10.2021 | 14:21


International cooperation and internationalization of educational activities play a key role among the priority areas of integration of the Department of Public Administration and Business Management into the world scientific space.

The 4th International Conference “Modern Innovation and Information Technologies in the XXI Century” took place on September 23-24 at the University of Technology in Katowice (Poland).

Maria Ustymenko and Dmytro Muzhylivskyi, graduates of the second (master’s) level of higher education in the specialty 281 “Public Administration and Business Management” of the educational program Public Administration and Business Management took part in this conference. Together with the supervisor Anna Komarnytska presented a report on “Attracting investment and innovation on the basis of public-private partnership (on the example of Lviv region)” in the section Information and innovation technologies in economics and management (online format).

Also on September 28, Anna Komarnytska took part in the scientific-methodical seminar “Organization of teaching professional disciplines in the universities of the European Union” in online format, which took place at the Аcademy  of Management and Administration in Opole, Poland. The materials of the scientific essay of the seminar participants will be posted on the website of the educational institution.