Internship of students of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Management” in public authorities

29.12.2021 | 14:40

Students of the UFP-21s group specialty 281 “Public Administration and Administration” of the educational program “Public Administration and Business Administration” are actively involved in internship programs in public administration and local government to deepen practical skills in this area.

Therefore, UFP-21s student Khrystyna Rymar successfully completed the internship program for young people in the Lviv Regional State Administration and received a certificate for the program “Realize yourself in power” from the head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Mr. M. Kozytsky, because Lviv Regional State Administration provides opportunities for young and enterprising people try yourself in the field of civil service and further realize yourself in this direction.

Khrystyna Rymar also became one of the 30 successful graduates of Democracy Reporting International Ukraine internship programs, which aimed to develop active skills and knowledge of active young people in local politics and governance, to acquaint with the implementation of reforms at the local level. During the internship, the participants received training from DRI and got acquainted with the construction of the political system in Ukraine, the implementation of reforms, current trends in politics and digital technologies, etc.

In order to deepen her knowledge in the field of public administration, UFP-21s student Maria Kormylo successfully completed a course on “Decentralization in Ukraine – Theory and Practice” from Mr. Tkachuk A., Director of Science and Development of the Civil Society Institute.

The course program covered a range of issues:

  1. What is decentralization in the Ukrainian dimension and why is it necessary?
  2. Local self-government and decentralization in Europe;
  3. Constitutional basis of administrative-territorial organization and local self-government in Ukraine, basic legislation and tendencies to its changes;
  4. History of reforms of the administrative-territorial system and the formation of local self-government in Ukraine. Ukrainian reform 2014-2016;
  5. Bodies and officials of local self-government: powers and methods of activity;
  6. Resources of local self-government. Smart growth as a new trend in local development planning;
  7. Cooperation of territorial communities, opportunities and features;
  8. Problems that arise during the reform, destabilizing viruses. The prospect of completing the reform.


We wish you further achievements!