04.03.2024 | 16:17

On February 29, 2024, within the framework of the post-graduate student research studio «State Creator» at the Department of Public Administration and Business Management of the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University, a student educational and scientific debate was held on the topic «Formation of a positive image of public authorities in the conditions modernization of public management and administration in Ukraine». It is noted that the positive image of public authorities, both before and now, is of priority importance, as it reflects not only the efficiency and real competence of the employees of government institutions, but also the direct realization of the potential to influence the quality of life of citizens through the systematic provision of public services.

Aspects of the image are also manifested in the educational and scientific environment, in particular, at the beginning of the debates, the deputy head of the department for scientific work, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Borys Karpinskyi the image factors of the teaching staff of the department of public administration and business management in the system of task activation of the relevant OPP of the last period were emphasized, namely:

discovery of the phenomenon of legal indifference in the public space (Juridical Bulletin, 2023. No. 5. P. 18–28. DOI: yuv.v5. 2023.2; International Scientific Journal «Internauka». Series: «Juridical Sciences». 2024. No. 1. P. 106–117. DOI: 10.25313/2520-2308-2024-1-9586);- assignment of the title of professor to the head of the department, Doctor of Economics Sciences Hanni Komarnitskyi (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated February 21, 2024 No. 220);

– referral to the publishing house of the monograph «Public administration and business management: an innovative approach» (300 p.) under the scientific editorship of Doctor of Economics Sciences, professor Kateryna Vaskivska.

Actually, only the specific activity of the department forms and effectively confirms its image positions in the modern educational and scientific environment.

Dmytro Pfister, a graduate of the faculty specializing in “Public Management and Administration” and currently a graduate student, head of the energy management department of the Lviv City Council, was heard on the basic direction of the debate regarding the formation of a positive image of public authorities for their modernization. He focused on specifying the features of image formation in the practical activity of structural units of public authorities. Dmytro Pfister also shared the experience of his formation as a manager and the requirements and promising opportunities for students regarding training and employment in the public administration system.

This provided an appropriate space for debate and activation of students under the Public Administration and Business Management Program to the raised issues of image, taking into account the modern features of the conditions of martial law. In general, the orientation of the educational and scientific debates of the «State Creator» studio and the need to realize the image of public power in the interests of citizens led to a wide discussion of those present (even outside the audience already in online format) with the corresponding practical directions of its implementation.

Actually, thanks to the heroic efforts of the soldiers of the Armed Forces, the winter period has passed, and spring reveals new state-building and image opportunities in the educational and scientific process and the activities of public authorities.

Together we are a force!