Guest lecture by Oleg Melnychuk – Senior System Administrator, Unifled Endpoint Management Administrator in SoftServe for higher education students of “Information Technologies in Business”

04.05.2022 | 11:42

📆On May 2, 2022, a guest lecture on “Introduction to the hybrid personal computing: the Windows 365 Cloud PC” was held for second-year students of the educational program “Information Technology in Business”.

🤝At the invitation of the Associate Professor of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Faculty of Finance and Business Management, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Bohdan Deputat, the lecture was given by Oleg Melnychuk, Senior System Administrator, Unifled Endpoint Management Administrator in SoftServe.

👨‍💻Students and teachers of the department had the opportunity to get acquainted with the cloud service Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which allows you to configure and manage Cloud PC. The service stores information in the cloud, not on the end device, which increases the level of security.

In particular, they talked about:

📌User experience;

📌Admin experience: Deployment;

📌Security and compliance.

The speaker stressed that Windows 365 has allowed companies to solve many of the problems they faced during the pandemic. For example, employees can work from a variety of locations and from any device, including mobile devices.

📖 The information obtained at the lecture will deepen students’ knowledge in the field of Internet technologies and help them in the formation of professional competencies.