Guest lecture for students of the educational program “Information Technology in Business”

27.04.2021 | 15:11

April 26, 2021 for applicants for the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education OP “Information Technology in Business” specialty 051 “Economics” was a guest online lecture Software Engineer IT department Motorolla Solutions Systems (Krakow, Poland) on the topic of Valentin Karkavchuk : “MMM in R&D IT”.

The lecturer very brightly, with practical and life examples, with situations from his own experience presented information about:

  • use of effective modeling tools at all stages of the IT project: definition, formalization and harmonization of requirements, design, concept development, implementation, implementation, completion;
  • application of machine learning methods to solve economic and social problems;
  • tools and tools for data analysis and processing available on the market, as well as mastering machine learning skills.

Students gained useful new knowledge, enriched their experience in the applied aspects of machine learning, the use of methods of mathematical modeling in various activities in the IT field. In addition, V. Karkavchuk advised several resources where you can get and deepen your knowledge in this field of science.

The lecture discussed the importance of basic knowledge for future economists with professional IT skills, interesting cases of practical application and tried to answer the age-old question: “Do economists and IT professionals need mathematics?”

Moreover, the whole discussion of the lecture material was focused on discussing the means of motivation for student learning. The head of the department Shevchuk I.B. took part in the discussion. and teachers of the department Vaskiv O.M., Starukh A.I.

Applicants for higher education and the staff of the department are sincerely grateful to V. Karkavchuk for an informative and constructive meeting!