Guest online lecture on “Financial planning and control”

18.05.2021 | 21:22

As part of the study of the discipline “Corporations and Financial Infrastructure” on May 14, 2021, Associate Professor of Financial Management Klepanchuk O.Yu. An online meeting of 3rd year students of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” with the head of the debt and settlement department with suppliers of Nestle Ukraine LLC Olga Romanov was held.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues related to the development of the company’s enterprises in the Ukrainian market, its effective operation in conditions of economic instability and high competition.

Olga Romanov told the story of Nestle Ukraine LLC – a world leader in the production of food and beverages, nutrition and healthy living. The company promotes the products of international brands of the company on the Ukrainian market: Nescafé, Svitoch, Nesquik, Coffee-Mate, Torchin, Nuts, KitKat, Lion, Purina, Mivina, Nespresso, Gerber, Bistrof. The company’s areas of activity are baby and special food, pet food, ready-made breakfasts and ice cream.

According to Olga Romanov, Nestle Ukraine LLC is actively developing its Ukrainian enterprises, investing in new technologies and research, human resources development and expansion of production and is looking for new creative employees.

In addition, during the meeting, students received answers to questions about employment after graduation.

This event supported students’ knowledge of the discipline “Corporations and Financial Infrastructure” and was useful for the educational process.