Guest meeting of higher education graduates of the first (bachelor) level of education OP “Finance, customs and tax affairs”

25.03.2023 | 10:51

Involvement of practitioners in the educational process is an important point in the work of the Department of Financial Management. This contributes to the provision of high-quality educational services, the acquisition of professional competences and practical skills in the formation of future specialists in the financial sphere and ensuring their employment.
So, on March 21, 2023, at the invitation of the Doctor of Economics, Professor Yulia Shushkova, a meeting was held as part of the study of the discipline “Financial security of the enterprise” for students of the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education under the educational program “Finance, Customs and Taxation” with a specialist-practitioner – the owner of the Lux Accounting Company, the head of the financial department of the D.S. pharmacy chain, the financial director of the Biomed pharmacy chain Khrystyna Lyskanych.
Theory without practice does not work! “Confessions of a financier or what I would have told my 20-year-old self” is not only about building a professional career, but also about the working days of a financier, about difficulties and obstacles that await him on the way, and, of course, about opportunities.
The speaker introduced the students to the specifics of the work of a financier, shared her own experience and mistakes along the way.
Among the professional competencies for the financier profession, Khrystyna Lyskanych named the ability to clearly understand what income and expenses are, to know accounting, financial analysis and planning – to analyze and calculate the situation in order to correctly allocate funds for the development of one’s enterprise in the future; to master Excel, because it is “the king of finance and he can do everything”!, and also emphasized the importance of personal qualities – perseverance, determination and willingness to work with full dedication. The Top 7 tips from a successful business woman were also valuable.

The meeting was as informative as possible for both the students and the teaching staff of the department.
Recommendations and wishes of practitioners regarding the structure of the educational components of the educational program “Finance, customs and tax affairs” and the discipline “Financial security of the enterprise”, in particular, will be used to improve the quality of the educational process and improve the training of specialists.
The involvement of practicing professionals in the educational process contributes to its high-quality organization and formation of professional competences of students of higher education in the specialty 072 “Finance, banking and insurance” and their professional growth.