Guest lecture “State risk management in the field of anti-legalization financial monitoring”

24.10.2021 | 00:32

21/10/2021 had the opportunity to listen to a guest lecture on a very interesting topic.

Oleksander Glushchenko, Director of the Financial Monitoring System Coordination Department of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, Permanent Expert of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), Moneyval and Egmont Group.


Lecture for students of higher education educational programs “Public Management and Administration. Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures ” аnd “ Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs ”.

The topic of the guest lecture: “State risk management in the field of anti-legalization financial monitoring”.

It is unrealistic to give a two-hour lecture in two sentences! State Financial Monitoring Service as a “national filter”, as a “financial intelligence unit”. The macro-level model of risk management in the field of FTA / FT, risk assessment, signal filter, financial monitoring entities, risk criteria, containment of illegal financial flows – these are just some of them.

In 2022, Ukraine will conduct a self-assessment of the country and will continue to assess national risks every three years. How the country responds to the creation of a register of beneficiaries. About the losses from the illegal tobacco and amber business, the illegal timber business, how much the state loses from the departure of citizens to work abroad. These and other facts and also in digital confirmation !!!!

This is a constant effort and works to return the withdrawn illegal funds back to Ukraine. In 2018, at the 25th plenary meeting of the Egmont Group in Sydney (Australia), the investigation of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine was recognized as the winner of the competition “Best Case of the Egmont Group” (BECA) – out of 213 units worldwide.

And of course the advice from Oleksander Glushchenko – what to read to be in the trend of this topic.