05.10.2022 | 09:53
On October 4, a guest lecture on the educational discipline “Investment” was held for students of the 3rd year of the educational program “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” (lecturers: Prof. U. Z. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska and Prof. I. B. Nazarkevich). The lecture was held with the participation of Oksana Vikhotchief specialist of the investment policy department of the economic policy department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.
At the session, within the framework of the topic “Attraction and use of foreign investments”, the specifics of investment processes taking place in the Lviv region were highlighted. In particular, it was about the regional investment marketplace – a reliable and innovative platform for trading investment objects; a map of the investment attractiveness of our region was displayed; its investment support by international funds and organizations was considered.

Today, time is correcting the issue of investments. And we are observing the application of new instruments of investment support, which became effective during the wartime period. This was the focus of the discussion during this lecture. Its important point was the issue of state support for relocated enterprises, which began to function in Lviv Oblast as part of the “Business Relocation” program through the Relocate.Prozorro.Sale online platform.

In general, our meeting made it possible to see the effectiveness of investment decisions that have already been implemented according to the new priorities. She also oriented the younger generation to employment in the chosen specialty, which creates ample opportunities for future specialists to ensure the path to the recovery of Ukraine’s economy in the post-war period.

Ukraine has every reason to become one of the experimental sites where the world will begin to model and test a new reality, a new ethics and a new rationality, where one of the trends of a new civilization will be created. Participation in this search for everyone, not only for investors, but also for professional financiers, will be extremely profitable, interesting, promising and grateful.