Guest lecture on “New tools for business management” for second-year students of the educational program “Information Technology in Business”

20.04.2021 | 20:57

April 20, 2021 in the study of general university elective course “Business Processes and HR-analytics” and with the participation of 2nd year students of the educational program “Information Technology in Business” at the Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Faculty of Finance and Business LNU Ivan Franko hosted a guest lecture, the purpose of which was to establish cooperation between the graduating department and communication with employers.
Getting to know potential employers, gaining practical skills and knowledge is a comprehensive approach that promotes the education of students in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and employers.
Olga Sivak, PM of Bjet, and Iryna Sereda, business analyst of the same company, gave an online lecture on the topic “New tools for business management” on the teams platform. The head of the department, Doctor of Economics, took part in the discussion. Shevchuk I.B., teacher of “Business Processes and HR-Analytics” Vaskiv O.M. and students.
The speakers presented the BJet platform, which is a new tool for business management.
Ms. Olga focused on the work of the BJet platform, on the challenges and trends of business in 2021, namely, the issues of flexibility and adaptability in the transformation of business processes and business in general; further digitalization and automation, as well as HRMS and CRM systems in the fight to attract talent and customers.
Mr. Iryna presented the modules of the BJet platform to the listeners and focused on some of them. In particular, the following modules were considered: “Employees”; “Holidays”; “Vacancies”; “Wages” and others. The key indicators in the modules were presented visually through dashboards, which are tools (analytical panels) of HR-analytics.
Students learned about the specifics of each of its modules, their content and functionality. Moreover, this platform is integrated with other systems. In particular, such as Jira, M.E.Doc, iFOBS, iBnk, PrivatBank, GSuite, Asana, etc.
After the lecture, speakers and students discussed the development, configuration and implementation of modules on the BJet platform, as well as widely discussed the differences and advantages of BJet over other platforms.