Guest lecture on “Adaptive leadership in turbulent conditions”

13.03.2024 | 16:00

On March 13, 2024, a guest lecture was held for students of higher education in the speciality 281 Public Management and Administration ЕP: Public management and administration, Personnel management in public authorities and business structures), as well as postgraduate students of the department.

The topic of the lecture is “Adaptive Leadership in Turbulence”.

Lecturer: Anna CHECHEL, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Public Management and Administration of Mariupol State University,  Visiting Academic at Judge Business School, Jesus College, University of Cambridge.

The topic of the lecture in the context of today’s dynamic world becomes especially relevant. Turbulence can include a variety of factors such as economic crises, political instability, technological change, and natural disasters. In such circumstances, adaptive leadership is key to successfully managing organizations and teams.

The lecturer talked about the concept of adaptive leadership and its key principles, the impact of turbulent conditions on the style and approaches to leadership, demonstrated cases of successful adaptive leaders in the field of public administration, paid attention to the development of strategies and methods for the development of adaptive leadership in public authorities.

Adaptive leadership for a civil servant means the ability to respond effectively to changing conditions in legislation, the political environment and public needs, as well as to respond promptly to the challenges facing the public sector. The main idea is not only to react to changes, but also to predict them, identify opportunities and make appropriate strategic decisions. By developing adaptive leadership, a civil servant can better respond to the needs of society by increasing flexibility and openness to new ideas and approaches, effectively manage resources, and ensure the stability and development of the state in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

The teachers of the department and the awardees noted the high scientific, methodical and practical level of the guest lecture, as well as professionalism, pedagogical skill, inclusiveness of the author’s material.


We are sincerely grateful to dear Anna Chechel and we hope for further cooperation.
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