Guest lecture “Is it possible to do finance during the war?”

13.10.2022 | 11:51

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022 there was a guest lecture for students of UFF 45-c, teachers of the department of financial technologies and consulting with iplan financial advisor Oleksandra Grudzevych on the topic “Is it possible to do finance during the war?”. The meeting was organized by the associate professor of the department Grudzevych U.

The idea of the event was to train students in the ability to plan personal financial expenses and rationally place saved funds. Students were able to get useful information about the formation of financial habits, savings scenarios, identifying the causes of poverty, approaches to drawing up personal financial reports, analysis of attractive directions for investing funds in banking institutions, in particular, the conditions of investments were analyzed and the advantages of investing funds in deposits and government bonds were determined. The lecture turned out to be dynamic, informative, and interactive. Students received answers to relevant questions.