Guest lecture by the head of OCA Ukraine (Odoo Community Association) for fourth-year students of the Bachelor’s degree program in “Finance, Customs, and Taxation”

10.11.2023 | 23:46

On November 9, 2023, as part of the “Financial Reporting” discipline within the curriculum of the “Finance, Customs, and Taxation” Bachelor’s degree program, a guest lecture was conducted for students specializing in 072 “Finance, Banking, and Insurance.”

Olesya Shevchuk discussed contemporary challenges for businesses and their solutions through the use of innovative tools for business process management. Specifically, she highlighted the opportunities presented by the Odoo ERP system, introducing students to its advantages, such as conducting operational information analysis, generating company reports, creating multi-level real-time analytics, and other features. She also demonstrated the system’s functionality.

The lecture sparked significant interest among the students, who actively participated in discussions and posed questions. Such guest lectures are an essential component of preparing professionals who will be in demand in the job market.

We sincerely thank OCA Ukraine (Odoo Community Association), represented by Olesya Shevchuk, for the rich and informative meeting!