Guest lecture by Professor Hryhoriy Monastyrsky on “Virtualization of public administration: financial dimension and technologies of virtual team management”

12.10.2021 | 16:54

October 12, 2021. Guest lecture for students of higher education educational programs “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures” (speciality 281 Public Administration) and “Finance, Customs and Tax Affairs” (speciality 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance).

The lecture was given by Professor, Doctor of Economics Hryhoriy Monastyrsky (Western Ukrainian National University).

In the conditions of modern realities, it is especially important to discuss the issues of the strategic development of Ukraine and its integration into the digital economy. The efficiency of digital technologies uses new realities of work of civil servants in the virtual environment, Ukraine’s place in international rankings based on the results of digitalization, the impact of modern challenges on the country’s economy and many other issues of the lecture. It was especially interesting for future leaders and leaders to hear about the requirements for a modern leader and leader, how to manage a virtual team, how to form an organizational culture and establish cooperation and partnerships in a virtual team.

In the feedback, the lecture participants discussed: criteria and requirements for a modern leader, openness of the Ukrainian budget, risks of digitalization for the country’s economy and users of public services, how to ensure effective governance and social protection.