The Faculty of Finance and Business Management is a co-organizer of Ideaton “Create the Future!” from the Lviv Regional Small Academy of Sciences

05.12.2023 | 22:45

On November 30, 2023, the annual competition of student projects Ideaton “Create the future!” was held at the Faculty of Finance and Business Management of Ivan Franko Lviv National University. from the Lviv Regional Small Academy of Sciences.

The goal of the ideaton is to use modern technologies and/or technical methods to generate ideas for solving real problems in the local space: school, district, city or even the country.

Congratulatory words and wishes for victory were addressed to the participants of the competition by the deputy dean for scientific work of the Federal University of Applied Sciences, associate professor Viktoria DUBYK and the deputy director of the ENT Department “Lviv Regional Small Academy of Sciences of Pupil Youth” Nataliya ZNETYNYAK, who noted that in this difficult time for our country, very important there are such meetings regarding the discussion of current problems of the economic and social development of Ukraine, the comparison of the diversity of visions of the young generation regarding their solution with the help of modern information technologies.

With the report “How to use artificial intelligence in business: what you need to know now to become more successful tomorrow?” the head of the department of digital economy and business analytics, professor Iryna SHEVCHUK, spoke, during which she introduced the students to how to use artificial intelligence in business, what a prompt is and how to correctly form it for ChatGPT.

Oksana VASKIV, a lecturer at the Department of Digital Economy and Business Analytics, attracted the attention of the Ideathon participants with her interesting and informative report “Project Business Model: From Idea to Monetization (Lean Canvas)”.

Oksana STOROZH, methodologist of the information technology department of the ENT ENT Center “Lviv Regional Small Academy of Pupil Youth Sciences” told the children how artificial intelligence works and explained the tasks of the ideaton.

25 high school students took part in the event, from which 9 teams were formed. The following projects were developed by them and presented to the jury for evaluation: “Choice of the future” – an information system for applicants based on AI; “Take Care” – an application for forming the correct moral values of a child; “PetSafe” – application for pet owners; “SunLife” – a project to prevent the threat of climate change; “Menu with traditions” – a mobile application for ordering dishes according to traditional recipes; “Smart City” – a mobile application to help city residents; a platform for finding friends for teenagers; Innovative aircraft “Military Affairs”; “Anticorruptioner” website.

The victory at the ideaton was won by the “NMmedia” team consisting of Nazar MATVIYTS, Bohdan PANAS and Matviy PAPKA with the project “Choice of the Future”.

The jury noted the high level of preparation of presentations, the creativity of ideas and the focus of the projects on solving current problems.

The jury of the competition from the faculty included the head of the department of digital economy and business analytics Iryna SHEVCHUK, teacher of the department of digital economy and business analytics Oksana VASKIV, students of higher education OP “Information technologies in business” Anna DODA and Diana KRAYILO.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Department of Education of the LODA for the prizes given to the winners and participants, as well as the special prizes from the IT company GlobalLogic.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of the competition!