Excursion to the Lviv City Council. Interaction of legislative and executive branches of power

27.03.2024 | 18:54
On March 26, 2024, students of higher education majoring in “Public management and administration” of the Department of Economics and Public Administration, professors Halyna KAPLENKO and Halyna WOZNYAK met with deputies of the Lviv City Council Oleksa Wozniak and Taras Repytskyi.
They had the opportunity to talk about the work of the Lviv City Council, the duties of deputies, the powers of deputies and the powers of executive authorities, the processes taking place in the city, how the legislative and executive branches of government interact with each other, the peculiarities of the Council’s activities under martial law.
There was also a discussion of artificial intelligence and the introduction of innovations in our community😉
Students asked many valid and quite professional questions.
As our stakeholders noted: “Such meetings are inspiring, because they provide an opportunity to establish communication with students, some of whom may return to the city council in the role of deputies or officials in a few years.”