Excursion into the world of science

23.12.2021 | 14:26

December 22, 2021 students gr. UFF-21s with advisor Vatamanyuk U.Z. held an educational event – “Excursion into the world of science.” Of course, it is difficult to cover all scientific research in one meeting and even two or three…)) However, today there are many scientific museums in the world that have interactive exhibitions that allow you to view the exhibits remotely. In London, Boston, Ontario, New York, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai, Valencia, Amsterdam, Kiev and many other cities around the world, you can see the results of research from different eras.
The main task of such museums is to promote science. Don’t just say that science is important. And to show that it’s fun, interesting, there are a lot of opportunities, and in science you can realize yourself. The basis of such museums are not even exhibits, but educational programs for visitors: educational tours, science shows, open lectures and educational programs.
By participating in such events, higher education students are interested in research in the chosen specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance”, which will stimulate them to their own scientific achievements and may discover new inventors among us.