Embroidery – guardian of the nation!

20.05.2021 | 22:27

20.05.2021 Assoc. Prof. of Financial Management Department Dubyk V.Ya. together with the academic group UFF-14 specialty 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance held an educational event dedicated to the Day of Embroidery.


For Ukrainians, embroidered shirts are not just clothes. This is something very special: personal, native, sacred. This is our history: mythology, religion, the ancient art of our ancestors, the soul of our people. Moreover, our genetic code is encrypted in the embroidery.

At the educational event, the students of the group got acquainted with the history of the national dress of Ukrainians and the beginning of the embroidery craft. The peculiarities of embroidery in different regions of Ukraine, which differ in technique and ornament, were considered.


The purpose of the educational event was to understand what a difficult and long way the Ukrainian embroidered shirt has come to our days and to get acquainted with the fact that our ancestors left us a huge treasure. And we must not only not lose this treasure, but also multiply it and pass it on to our descendants. Thus, the Ukrainian embroidered shirt is a symbol of ancestral memory, decency, fidelity and love.