Educational hour on the topic “Patriotic education of youth as formation of patriotism of the nation”

12.05.2023 | 13:23

On May 10, 2023, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences Kruglyakova V.V. together with the students of higher education of the first (bachelor) level of education of the academic group UFF-21c (educational program “Finance, customs and tax affairs”) held an educational hour on the topic: “Patriotic education of youth as the formation of patriotism of the nation”.
In today’s conditions, the education of patriotism is especially relevant, because ensuring the full harmonious development of both the individual in the state and society as a whole is an urgent need for the state now.
The formation of a high level of patriotic consciousness in the young generation in institutions of higher education takes place thanks to a complex system and purposeful activities of scientific and pedagogical workers, student self-government bodies, and other institutions that form a valuable attitude of the individual to the Ukrainian people, the Motherland, the state, the nation, and foster a sense of loyalty and love to the Motherland, concern for the well-being of their people, readiness to fulfill their civic and constitutional duty to protect the national interests, integrity, and independence of Ukraine.
During the meeting, the advisor together with the winners discussed the main tasks of patriotic education of youth, the most important of which were identified as the formation of language culture, the mastery and use of the Ukrainian language as the spiritual code of the nation, the formation of the spiritual values of the Ukrainian patriot, as well as the establishment in the minds of citizens of an objective assessment of the role of Ukrainian troops in Ukrainian history, the continuity of the development of the Armed Forces in defense of the ideals of freedom and statehood of Ukraine.

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