Educational hour on the topic “Aesthetic component in the education of modern youth.”

29.09.2021 | 23:20

On September 29, 2021, the advisor of the UFF-15s group, associate professor of the department of financial management of the faculty of financial management and business Smolinska SD a thematic educational hour was held on the topic: “Aesthetic component in the education of modern youth.”
During the lesson there was a discussion about the role of aesthetics and its impact on the formation of a diverse personality. After all, a modern student is a multifaceted individual who develops not only on the basis of acquired knowledge in the field of the chosen profession. Its originality is influenced by various factors, among which the aesthetic plays a dominant role.
The lively discussion allowed students to actively communicate and express their opinions on certain issues. The purpose of the lesson was achieved, everyone was given the opportunity to be heard and get information for reflection.