Educational event “Ukraine is worthy of freedom”

15.05.2023 | 16:34

On May 11, 2023, the educational event “Ukraine is worthy of freedom” was held in the UFF-31s academic group for students of higher education at the educational and qualification level “bachelor” of the educational and professional program “Finance, Customs and Taxation”. The advisor of the group is prof. U.Z. Vatamanyuk-Zelinska of the Department of Financial Management, started the meeting with the words of Lubomir Huzar: “Freedom is an opportunity to do good. We are human and we are free. And this means that we have the right to do good. Of course, we can be wrong, but the main meaning of freedom is that a person does not have the right to do evil. Instead, independence is freedom from external influences. Independence is not arbitrary. Independence is a political concept. So, in our time, the whole state, the whole people had an opportunity to act for their own good. And from now on, a person is simply obliged to be a creative, patriotic, conscious Christian – a citizen of his state”…

The main stages of the development of an independent modern state were also discussed at the online meeting; considered the problems and obstacles on the way to the freedom of the Ukrainian people, their stability and indomitability, as well as the historical context of the constant struggle for their rights and identity. Each participant actively participated in the discussion, expressing their opinions. However, this issue is debatable. After all, each of us has an active civic position regarding the unity, independence, integrity of our state and protection of its borders.

The key conclusion of the event was that every person is worthy of freedom in an independent native state, the well-being and future of the Ukrainian state directly depends on the patriotic mood and courage of today’s generation. Let’s protect and fight for the freedom of our Motherland.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!