24.05.2021 | 14:46

Every Ukrainian knows what the embroidered shirt is, because it is not just a national dress, but a part of the Ukrainian soul, our authenticity and the genetic code of the nation.

On the eve of the World Embroidery Day, the advisor of the UFP-11s group Olena Reshota, the Associate professor of the Department of Public Administration and Business Administration Management, held a national-patriotic educational event to deepen knowledge about the history of Ukrainian embroidery, the importance of ornaments on embroidered clothing and the need to preserve and increase national traditions for future generations. The group’s advisor and students actively discussed interesting facts about the Ukrainian embroidered shirt, prominent historical figures who started the fashion for embroidered clothes. Students also had the opportunity to watch a video about the peculiarities of celebrating World Embroidery Day in different cities of Ukraine and abroad.

Today, the Ukrainian embroidered shirt was able to modernize, but at the same time remain the same as a thousand years ago. The art of Ukrainian embroidery has been passed down from generation to generation. Embroidery traditions were continued, expanded and respected. The ornaments of the Ukrainian embroidered shirt had a sacred meaning, because in ancient times it was believed that the embroidered shirt protects a person, gives him health and a happy fate.

Today, the embroidered shirt is not only festive clothes and a work of art, it is also a part of the formation of the Ukrainian nation, the outfit of patriots and a symbol of the Ukrainian people!