Educational event on “Lviv Financial”

07.04.2021 | 16:23

On April 7, 2021, an educational event was held in the UFF-33 group (specialty: 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”, advisor – associate professor of the Department of Financial Management Blaschuk-Devyatkina N.Z.) on the topic “Lviv Financial”.

The purpose of this event is to update and replenish knowledge about the development of banking in Lviv.

During the event, the ambiguity of the preconditions for the establishment and operation of banking institutions in the western Ukrainian lands, in particular the city of Lviv, was discussed.

Marta Sarafyn spoke about the peculiarities of the functioning of banking in Lviv during the Middle Ages after Galicia became part of the Habsburg monarchy.

Kateryna Zakorko paid attention to the VIII-IX centuries. when new forms of credit organization appeared, private joint-stock banks, local commercial banks, savings and loan companies, etc. were created.

In conclusion, Kazakova Maria assessed the current development of the credit market in Lviv and noted that the constant improvement of banking has led to the formation of modern banks as institutions that deal with a wide range of financial issues and play a significant role in economic development, and their special status in the economic system associated with their responsibility for the state of the economy.