Educational event on “Healthy lifestyle – the path to health!”

08.10.2021 | 12:59

On October 7, 2021, an educational event was held on the topic “Healthy lifestyle – the path to health!” for students of the group UFF-14s.

The purpose of the event: to motivate the desire to take care of your health, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is an action aimed at preventing diseases, strengthening all body systems and improving general well-being. Physical health gives good health, vigor, strength. Mental – gives peace and a great mood. They can be formed only by gaining knowledge and constant work on yourself. It takes a lot of effort to stay healthy.

Ulyana Kuzyk, a student of the group, expressed her opinion on this topic. Iryna Yasinovska, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Financial Management, and students discussed the components of a healthy lifestyle and the factors on which human health depends. Particular attention was paid to discussing the problematic aspects of health in the context of the David-19 pandemic.

Remember that lifestyle has the greatest impact on health, and a healthy lifestyle, in turn, lays the foundation for well-being, strengthens the body’s defenses and reveals its potential.