Educational event “National Anthem Day”

04.04.2023 | 01:16

On March 10, 2023, students of the first (bachelor) level of education of the educational programs “Public Management and Administration” and “Personnel Management in Public Authorities and Business Structures”, together with their mentors, held an educational event dedicated to the National Anthem of Ukraine.

National Anthem Day is essential for us Ukrainians, symbolising Ukraine’s unity, strength and stability.

Every year on March 10, Ukraine celebrates National Anthem Day in memory of the first public performance of this song in 1865, on the anniversary of T. Shevchenko’s death. The national anthem of Ukraine is one of the symbols of national statehood; Ukrainians recognise from the first chords that its words are imprinted on us at the genetic level. His lines embody the indomitability and unity of the Ukrainian people, faith in the national idea, and the struggle for freedom and independence.

The students prepared exciting and informative presentations about the history of the creation of the national anthem of Ukraine, the poet Pavlo Chubynskyi and composer Mykhailo Verbytskyi, and the first public performance of the national anthem in Przemyśl, and the introduction of the National Anthem Day of Ukraine in 2021.

Currently, all ceremonial events of national significance begin and end with the performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine. The national anthem is played at official government events and ceremonies, as well as at sports competitions and other public events. For example, children sing the national anthem of Ukraine, hiding in bomb shelters during rocket attacks by the enemy, and defenders sing the national anthem on the front lines.

This is how the soul of the Ukrainian people fighting for their independence, will and future sounds today. This is precisely what the unity and indomitability of the Ukrainian nation sound like.